PLX5100 Digital Mobile X-Ray Machine

PLX5100 is a high frequency mobile flat-panel digital X-Ray radiography system, suitable for radiology department, orthopaedics, ward, emergency room, operating room, ICU and other departments. Now used for COVID19 diagnostics.

Product Specification

  1. Generator output: 5.0 kW

  2. kV range: 40 kV - 120 kV in 1kv steps

  3. mA range: 25~103 mA

  4. Exposure time: 4 films per min, less than 20 ms per film

  5. X-ray tube: Stationary anode tube with a focal spot of 1.5*1.5 mm

  6. Collimator: Bright field light beam collimator with 120 W halogen lamp and auto shut-off facility.

  7. Power requirements: Single phase 220 V +/- 10% Voltage tolerance; 50 Hz power supply

  8. Mobile stand: Light-weight, low height mobile and easily manoeuvrable stand.

  9. The mobile radiographic unit also include a handheld control and a microwave wireless remote control for the 20-meter microwave remote Without the restrictions of barriers and direction, different from the infrared remote control . Grids reduce the fog line filters and raise the degree of scattering contrast.

  10. The unit is provided with a line (power) cord of acceptable durability, quality, length and is secured with adequate strain reliefs. The unit include power plugs that are sufficient for the maximum voltage and current of the unit.

  11. The maximum distance from the ground: ≥2000mm, and minimum distance from the ground: ≤500mm. Rotating around the horizontal axis 180 °, rotation around the vertical: ± 90 °, the collimator can rotate 180 °.

Product Advantages


  1.  High frequency and High voltage monoblock, 15 years experience, make sure the stability quality.

  2. 50kHz inverter frequency, good x-ray quality, low dose, world class technology.

  3. Thermal capacity 500KJ, long time continuous exposing.

  4. With digital closed loop control technology and fault alarm function

Exposure Controller

  1.  Hand controller -- wired exposure

  2. Microwave controller -- wireless remote, within 10 meters


Flat Panel Detector

  1.  Whole-plate non-spliced, cesium iodide + amorphous silicon flat-panel detectors derive from the world's leading technology, which greatly improves performance.

  2.  Version Scope: 14”x 17”

  3.  Spatial resolution: 3.4Lp/mm

  4.  Pixel size: 150μm

  5. Output gray scale: 16bit


Self Balance Function

  1. The support arm can stop at any position, that's our self balance technology, easy operation.



Networked device: high quality image and output information system

★ The networking functions of PLX5100 include: Dicom storage, Dicom film printing Dicom film transfer.

★ It has standard DICOM 3.0 interface, supporting film printing, output, storage, barrier-free docking hospital PACS system.


Workstation model:IC12A CPU model: ≥i3

Memory capacity:≥4GB Hard drive capacity:≥64GB

  1. LCD Touch screen

Equip with touch screen controller,

Human body graphic for parameter choice.

Clear Clinical Photos